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Check out the tips and hints we've gathered for Bejeweled Classic! on a phone or tablet, the old principles of strategy and patience still apply. Ok, so I've been a fan of this exotic and addicting game for years, and just now I' ve completed my list of strategies to get the max score possible. PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION BEJEWELED BEST TIPS FOR In this video I show my viewers and.


Bejeweled Stars Level 168 Tips and Strategy Gameplay Walkthrough No Boosters Sign in Pitch your idea. Clearly, I failed on the. Tip 3 - The Setup Setting yourself up for the next gem exchange is important at higher levels when matches become harder to make. Scoring in Bejeweled is based on what level you are on, how many gems you match, and how many chain reaction matches you make. This is a strategy I like to call "Jackpot" basically you gather as many super gems as you can but you don't explode them unless you really need to, once you do they will get you hell of points for your bar and possibly reach the next level, and they'll also get you a brand new set of gems to continue the mayhem. And while this explosion is a "high payoff" bundesliga am samstag terms of points, it is typically neutral in terms of its effect on Energy.